The MaxCut Stealth-12 is a sleek, mighty, and technologically advanced tool that efficiently cuts concrete, brick, decorative stone, and utility pipe.

The powerful hydraulic motor facilitates cutting of precise, square corners up to 25” (64 cm) deep.

We engineered the Stealth-12 with the end user in mind to deliver an ergonomic saw with optimal balance. The hose management guide and light weight design help to reduce operator fatigue.

At MaxCut we understand that details matter which is why we incorporated solutions to common issues into the Stealth-12.

In addition, we made the Stealth-12 universal to be compatible with the majority of bars, chains, and sprockets on the market today.

Stealth-12 Operator Manual Stealth-12 Spare Parts
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111 East 34th Street
South Chicago Heights
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111 East 34th Street,
South Chicago Heights,
Illinois 60411