My name is John Michelon, entrepreneur and owner of MaxCut Inc. In 1965, I left my home in Italy with nothing more than a dream to build something of my own. I started my first business, Cosmos Manufacturing Inc, over forty-five years ago and used the knowledge gained from that experience to begin developing my own concrete cutting chains in 2009.

John Michelon

Today, MaxCut Inc. offers one of the longest lasting concrete cutting chains on the market and is making advancements every day in order to provide a product that will make your job easier. Our chains, saws, guidebars, and sprockets are designed to be reliable so that your workers can perform their jobs as efficiently as possible.

MaxCut Team
Cosmos Manufacturing

111 East 34th Street
South Chicago Heights
Illinois (60411)

111 East 34th Street,
South Chicago Heights,
Illinois 60411